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What are the benefits of upfront pricing?

Let’s talk about the “top three” benefits of up front pricing for the customer, starting right out with the Number One Benefit:
No Surprises: No one likes an unpleasant surprise. “Up Front” means “before,” not “after the fact.” It means being straight with people – “I’ll be up front with you on that.” It means, above all, there are no surprises. As you explain the pricing policy, it’s good to emphasize that the customer will know from the start what the bill will be, and will have the opportunity to approve it first. This is in contrast to the conventional “time and materials” approach, where you won’t know what the charge will be until the work has been completed.

Fair Value: The price for the services that you provide has been determined over time by averaging the time it should take a competent technician to do the job, working under normal circumstances with good parts and tools. The pricing reflects experience over time and across the industry. The customer can relax, knowing that if you run into any problems or have a particular issue to solve, it won’t cost any more.

Consistency: The up front pricing approach means that customers all pay the same fair price for the same service. The guy across the street won’t get a better deal because he’s a more aggressive negotiator than you are.
Air Conditioning Repairs When You Need it Fast!

We don’t expect you to know exactly what is wrong with your air conditioner or how to fix it, that is why we are here! As experts in the HVAC industry, our certified and trustworthy technicians will come to your home to analyze and identify your air conditioner’s problem(s). We will present to you your options for repair and based on your decision, we will immediately begin the necessary processes to repairing your air conditioner.

We don’t take repairs lightly because we know that it is much easier to stay warm than it is to stay cool and waiting on an air conditioner to be repaired can be a hot, sticky and uncomfortable wait, especially during those unruly oklahoma summers.

Keeping You Warm During Cold Winter Months!

Do you find that your furnace or heating system always needs repairs on the coldest day of the winter? Well don’t you fret, we are here for you 24-7 so you don’t have to bundle up just to be inside your home. Our certified and trustworthy technicians will visit your home ready to conquer the problem with their extensive knowledge and background in repairing HVAC systems. Contact us online to receive 10% OFF of your repair services.

Winter’s cold weather can be very intimidating, especially when you know that your heating system may be on the brink of saying goodbye. Be prepared this winter by contacting us for our Heating System Installation Services and/or our Heating System Maintenance Packages. With both of these services, we inspect your entire ventilation system: ductwork, home construction, any existing heating/cooling systems, etc. We want to make sure that if we install a new solution or commit to a maintenance package that our services will be successful as a whole.